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Axopar 28 wins Best in Show here in Vancouver!

PY Magazine Cover and articlefullsizeoutput_7288

Our Axopar line has won awards the world over since its launch in 2015 and it’s continuing to prove its strength right here in the Pacific Northwest. Today at BC Place, the Axopar 28 won the coveted Best in Show Award presented each year by Pacific Yachting Magazine.


Of course this means our Axopar 28s are the coolest thing going on at the show this weekend so don’t miss seeing them. We have an Axopar 28 Cabin and an Axopar 28 Aft-Cabin at BC Place and an Axopar 28 Cabin at the Granville Island floating show!


“The Axopar 28 was by far the most striking boat at the show this year,” reports veteran boat reviewer and former editor of Pacific Yachting Magazine Peter Robson, one of a three-judge panel to award the Axopar 28 Vancouver Boat Show’s 2017 “Best in Show” in the Powerboat category.

This prestigious title is awarded each year by Pacific Yachting Magazine, Canada’s largest marine publication, and is not awarded strictly on newness or flashiness of a model, but instead the winning boat must also be “the most impressive boat as far as cost, design, construction and performance.”

“The Axopar 28 hits all these marks,” say Robson. “Its performance and fuel economy are both outstanding, fit and finish are first-rate and it’s a pleasure to drive in a variety of conditions.”

Robson, along with Roger McAfee, industry columnist for Pacific Yachting Magazine and reviewer for numerous international boating publications, as well as Zuzana Prochazka, one of the most well-respected boat reviewers in North America, reportedly had no trouble choosing the Axopar 28 as Best in Show. Additionally, both Robson and McAfee had previously performance tested the Axopar 28 and were extremely impressed by its comfort and capabilities in a variety of conditions.

As Robson stated in his June, 2016 Pacific Yachting cover story review of the boat, “The sleek, clean and sharp lines of the Axopar 28 are striking – and that’s just the start. From bow to stern this new offering is a refreshing departure from the norm.”

Freedom Marine is very proud to be Western Canada’s exclusive dealer for this award-winning line of fishing/commuting/adventure boats out of Finland. Both our Axopar 28 Cabin and 28 Aft-Cabin on display at BC Place during the Vancouver boat show sold quickly, and yes, since the company’s launch in 2015 all Axopar models are so in demand they are consistently on backorder status around the world. Luckily, Freedom Marine placed multiple stock orders last spring, so we will have fresh units arriving regularly.

Email or phone 604.609.0985 for more information.
中文或粤语 604.235.1000.

To read the June 2016 test of the Axopar 28 click here Pacific Yachting Axopar Test


Take Better Photos of Your Boating Fun!




Put away those selfie sticks and take some real photos!

Improvements in technology have made digital cameras and especially smart phones increasingly handy and affordable. Meanwhile, more ways exist than ever to share pictures with family and friends across the country or an ocean. Quality is a different story altogether. Here, a professional boating photographer shares some expert advice on snapping pics that are sure to make your social network take notice.



Surprisingly, an overcast day is always better than a sunny day for making sure your subjects look beautiful. Bright sunlight creates harsh shadowing.

Each time I take a shot, I have two immediate concerns: Lighting and framing. These are the areas where people make easy-to-correct mistakes. The most important thing to remember is that if you’re in the sun, you want to have the light falling from a forward angle onto your subjects, not from behind. Backlighting will not only give you darkly shadowed subjects, but any light coming toward the lens, whether it’s directly from the sun or bouncing off the water, can create noise (haze) or flares. The prismatic flares can sometimes be eliminated by shading the lens with your hand, or using a lens hood if your camera is equipped with one. If you just keep in mind that the photographer always wants the sun on his or her back, you’ll always find the right position.

This Princess 56 Flybridge was shot in the first hour of daylight. You can see how the sidelight created by the low sun makes the boat pop without any of the shadows you will get as the sun moves higher. Morning light will have cooler tones than evening light, shown below.

This Sea Ray Sundancer was shot in the last light of the day, what photographers call The Golden Hour. Absolutely everything looks better at this time of day.


AJ0C9552The sunlight that bounces from undulating water can add a magical, reflective sparkle to the hull. Ask the captain to rotate the bow until it lights up. It’ll be like someone hit a light switch – you can’t miss it.



There are occasions when backlighting produces a desirable effect.

Typically two-thirds sky to one-third water is ideal. In certain situations you can swap that ratio and use a yawning water foreground with a powerful result. If you’re shooting a boat on plane, give it “running room,” simply more space ahead of itself than behind.


tony 2People photograph most beautifully in the shade, where there is no shadowing. Overhead sun is most harsh on humans, and also on boats and scenery. If you really want to snap a midday pic in which the sun is directly above your subject, see if your camera will let you choose a fill flash mode, where the flash fires even in bright light to soften some of those unflattering shadows. I typically let my cameras rest this time of day, or if I shoot, I’ll pull people under the bimini or hardtop for the best results. The most spectacular time of day for shooting everything is in the golden light of late afternoon. So, remember, don’t shoot the sunset, turn around and look what’s being touched by it.


If you really want to photograph people in direct sun, have everyone wear sunglasses – it makes a huge difference. Squinting rarely looks attractive. And when shooting a group make certain you can see every person’s face. This is a very common error that will ruin an otherwise nice photo.


6E5F91081 6E5F90991
Framing is among the easiest things you can do to make your photos look great every time. People often forget they can shoot vertically as easily as horizontally. Turn that camera! Shots of people almost always look better if they are perpendicular. And if you do shoot people’s full bodies don’t forget their feet. This is the most common and unforgivable faux pas.



For compelling close-ups, get right in there and fill the frame. Capture the whole face, but don’t quite center it. Offsetting singular subjects-boat, person, bird, mountain-almost always makes them more interesting to the eye.




Today’s digital cameras are getting much better at capturing subjects in action-say, a moving boat or belly-flopping kid-particularly the models equipped with a setting for movement. A good trick to ensure a sharper shot is to track, or pan, the camera with the moving object, instead of trying to grab the action as it passes through the frame. If done correctly, a pan will also create a motion blur in the background (see above) and a little creative framing can make motion look extra exciting.



If your photos are turning out blurry, chances are good you’re shaking the camera. Try holding your breath if you’re shooting action, and also in low light when imperceptible movement can soften a shot. Tripods are great for utilizing the beauty of natural light and also for getting yourself into the picture with the camera’s self-timer. Some of the most useful types are tiny and bendable. My favorite for onboard shooting with a small camera is the 1.6-ounce Joby Gorillapod, which doesn’t require a flat surface and actually wraps and grips onto stuff like seatbacks or canvas frames.




The very best thing (and worse thing) about digital photography is our ability to shoot hundreds of frames at no extra cost. This family, for example, was so animated I had to edit through about 75 frames to find one where I could see all the faces and no one was blinking, chewing or spitting out food as they laughed. Just shoot and shoot some more. The editing is time consuming, but when you get that one great shot of everyone it will be totally worth it.



6E5F7273 6E5F7175






Take photos of your guests/subjects actually doing things on the boat, not just posing. It will make more interesting sharing, one provide real memories of what the day was about.




Undoubtedly, the most precious photos are the ones where your subjects are totally unaware you are shooting. When I board a boat on assignment I always say, “I’ll be shooting lots of photos today, but don’t worry, I promise to throw out any that are unflattering.”




Make sure you have your fisherperson hold the fish away from their body, out toward the camera. It creates a very effective optical illusion that will make the smallest fish look fierce.



Just remember, you don’t need to have the fanciest boat or the biggest fish to create a photo that will become a highlight of your subjects’ timeline. Lighting counts. Framing counts. But it’s the big smiles we get from boating that make the shot perfect every time.




Our Award-Winning New Line – AXOPAR

FREEDOM MARINE is now Western Canada’s exclusive dealer forAXO_Logo_RGBAxopar 37 Cabin_DX_5869-2

You haven’t seen anything like it. Anywhere. The Axopar 37 Cabin (above), and its stablemates, ranging in size from 24′ to 37′, are literally taking the boating world by storm. Borne of Scandinavian engineers and designers in 2014, and intended for climates and conditions very similar to British Columbia, the Axopar line is unstoppable. So far it’s won every award it’s been considered for, included top accolades in our local Pacific Yachting Magazine’s June issue. This is not only an exciting new brand, it’s an exciting new way to boat…and for sure, it will be the next big thing here in BC.

Take a look at the Axopar 28 Aft-Cabin (below). She’s light, fast (300 hp), quiet, fuel efficient. And winner of multiple awards.

AC with awards

And look at that cabin!

Axopar 28 AC_E8A2136

Yup. Who doesn’t want to ride around in that gorgeous cabin? Cool in the summer, toasty warm during the coolest BC chill. Imagine a trip over to the Gulf Islands, or if you live in Islands, a trip to Vancouver. This 28 AC is so fast (42 knots!) and rides so smoothly, the Strait of Georgia will go by in a blink. Tie up at one of the many boat-friendly resorts in the Gulf or San Juans, or sneak into a secluded cove and drop anchor for an adventurous overnight. There’s an onboard head of course, and the Aft-Cabin (AC) version offers a cozy sleeping hutch.

Axopar 28 AC_DSC3483

Or maybe you’re feeling fishy and want to purpose-build your Axopar for fishing. That’s what we did, and with terrific result. Our first-landed 28 is now a fierce fishing machine thanks to some smart mods from Pacific Angler in Vancouver.

Take a look at what happened its very first morning out…


That’s our very own Peter Priebe after reeling in the first-ever Axopar-hooked BC Salmon. It was literally the first time we had our fishing-friendly 28 out to drop a hook. That’s Jason Tonelli of Pacific Angeler, huge fan of the new Axopar line, who came along to show us some sweet spots.

Below is Peter, Jason and Jane He our Chinese sales specialist on the Pacific Angler-outfitted 28 Axopar, which you’re welcome to come check out at our dock in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour. Just give us a call at 604.609.0985 or email 中文或粤语: 604-235-1000.


Thank you Pacific Angler for your amazing work outfitting our Axopar 28!


And lastly, if you’re looking for something even more sport-oriented take a look at this cool Axopar 24 Hard Top in motion, one of the latest additions to the line.

Axopar 24 HT_BL7V0530fix

So, whether you’re looking for a super fun runabout, a commuter, a fishing boat, a weekender or a luxurious show-stopper like the 37, Axopar and Freedom Marine have you covered. Click through these links to view the full line:

24 Hard Top
24 Open
24 T-Top
28 Open
28 Aft-Cabin
28 Cabin
28 Open Cabin
28 T-Top
37 Cabin
37 T-Top 
37 Sun Top
37 Aft-Cabin

Princess 35M Wins Superyacht of the Year

The gorgeous Princess 35M has captured the biggest prize awarded by the BOAT International Media: Superyacht of the Year for 2016. A look at this video will explain this yacht’s global appeal. Just let us know when you’re ready to order your own!

国语销售专员 Meet Freedom Marine’s Chinese Sales Specialist Jane He


Freedom Marine is proud to have Jane He on staff as our Chinese sales specialist.

贺娟(英文名:Jane He) 来自中国深圳,毗邻香港的一个美丽海洋城市。她说:她对海洋的热爱和游艇的热枕源自于她自小沉溺的沿海生活方式。

贺娟从2015年开始在不列颠哥伦比亚省定居,非常热爱其在“自由海洋游艇公司”身为销售专家的工作,此工作让她每天都能与海洋亲密接触,享受游艇生活。她非常高兴考取了她的BC游艇执照,期待着未来游遍温哥华周围的美丽岛屿。 一口流利的国语、广东话和英语,让她很荣幸能帮到温哥华的中国朋友了解和体验到真正游艇生活及钓鱼的的乐趣。中国客户最被”自由海洋游艇公司”代理的“公主游艇”的典雅和奢华所吸引,而贺娟正是“公主游艇俱乐部”的负责人,让她带着公主游艇船主们一起出游探险吧!


Jane He comes from Shenzhen, China, an ocean city near Hong Kong. She says her love for the water and enthusiasm for boating is a result of growing up in the beautiful ocean lifestyle of Shenzhen.

Fluid in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Jane takes special pride in assisting Chinese clients who are new to Vancouver and in need of assistance when it comes to learning about boating and fishing in the area. Freedom Marine’s Chinese clients are particularly taken by the elegance and luxury of our Princess Yacht line and Jane is in charge of Freedom Marine’s new Princess Owners Club, which brings the Princess Yacht owners together for adventures and outings.

Jane helps customers with everything from applying for their boater’s license to buying their next luxury yacht or fishing boat. She is knowledgeable and vivacious, simply a beautiful person to deal with.

Contact Jane:

中文或粤语 / Mandarin or Cantonese: 604-235-1000

英语 / English: 604-609-0985

手机 / Cellphone: 778-829-3691


Princess Owners Club Takes its First Trip

Freedom Marine Princesses to Victoria, BC (low res) - 5 of 108

Freedom Marine’s Princess owners got together for their first group adventure, a three-day, two-night trip to Victoria.

This was an exciting voyage, especially for the owners who hadn’t yet crossed the Strait of Georgia in their yachts to experience the enchantment of the sheltered Gulf Islands. After an island tour and lunch at Poet’s Cove on South Pender, the crew carried on to Victoria’s Inner Harbour, where Freedom Marine had arranged two nights moorage only a stone’s throw from the famous Empress Hotel and picturesque Parliament building. The group was to use the marina as a launch pad for two days of activities, including fishing, golf and garden tours, but ended up spending the lion’s share of its time just hanging out on their luxury yachts, making toasts, sharing food and telling stories with their new friends.

This club kickoff promises to be the first of many memorable get-togethers for Freedom Marine’s Princess owners, with additional trips and more new owners already on the dance card for summer.

ESCAPE: Painted Boat Resort & Spa

Ready for a Luxurious Getaway?

Newly renovated for the spring of 2014, the luxurious Painted Boat Resort and Spa is one of the only upscale Sunshine Coast destinations to offer deep-water moorage.

The wharf has designated slips ranging from 20 to 60 feet, with a total of 300 feet of short-term moorage.

For traveling guests who dine at the resort’s restaurant or have an appointment at its spa, day moorage is complimentary. For guests who stay the night, the moorage rate is $1.25 per foot plus GST. Optional use of the pool and fitness facilities is available with overnight moorage.

For details and reservations click here.







Our New Princess 56 Will Go Fast!

Princess_0722 (1)

Our first Princess 56 Flybridge sold almost as soon as it arrived last fall. Good thing we had another one on order, and she’s arriving in Vancouver just in time for summer. The Princess 56 is beautiful, luxurious and incredibly powerful, with a top speed of 34 knots. She offers three cabins and a full beam master stateroom, a well-equipped main level galley and so much space in the salon you’ll need to make more friends. Phone 604.609.0985 or email for a private viewing.

Helm - P56

Master Stateroom
Master Stateroom Blinds Down - P56

salon small


Introducing the All-New Princess S65

S65 to use

The new for 2016 S65 is sleek and sexy, for with a deep V-hull that promises agility and speeds up to 38 knots. To further affirm the S stands for “sport” this luxury performance yacht boosts a spacious hydraulic swim platform and 3.3m tender garage to provide the perfect platform for personal watercraft use. When you’re tired of playing, you can sunbath on the well-appointed aft-deck or retreat into the spacious galley-aft salon. There are four cabins below deck, three of which are ensuite.

This new yacht is only available in Western Canada through Freedom Marine, Canada’s #1 seller of boats 35′ to 120′. Phone 604.609.0985 or email for more information.

Check out this exclusive first review from Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine:

Freedom Marine is #1 in Canada Boats Sold 35′ – 120′








For the 4th year in a row Freedom Marine is #1 in Canada for boats sold 35′ to 120′

While our totals are certainly impressive, we know that good business is less about counting numbers and more about the people that count on us to help make their boating dreams come true.

Please know our team is comprised of life-long boating enthusiasts who love and appreciate boating in the Pacific Northwest just as much as you do. Our first goal is helping you and your family find the right boat, the one that will become the perfect backdrop for years of joyful memories.

See you out there!
The Freedom Marine Team


princess factory lead shot


The Princess Fun Factor-y: A Study of Yacht Anatomy

Freedom Marine’s newest 52 Flybridge owners take a tour of the Princess Factory in Plymouth, England. 

Imagine. You’ve ordered your dream yacht. A new Princess with all the trimmings. How do you feel? Elated? Absolutely. Anxious? Maybe a little. After all, a yacht is a mighty acquisition, and if you’ve purchased a brand new yacht from Princess, it’s likely a custom order and you’ll need to sit on your hands for a few months while your dream boat is being crafted.

We have several customers currently in that state of anticipation, with custom Princess yachts ordered and currently on the production line in Plymouth, England. It’s a time of intense anticipation, certainly, and also contemplation, with swatches of fine leather, decadent fabrics and woolen carpets to caress and hardwoods, countertops and berth arrangements to consider.

For one of our newest owners, however, a Calgarian couple who recently ordered a 52 Flybridge, perusing the catalogs and sample books just wouldn’t suffice. They decided a trip to England was in order; a journey to the Princess factory to see exactly where their new boat was in the process of being borne.Without a second thought, their salesman, Darryl Oben, joined them in this adventure.

plymouthThe history of Plymouth, England, dates back to the Bronze Age, and its port is one of the most famous in world history. 

The first stop out of London was Plymouth in Southwest England. The town itself dates back to the 13th Century, and has been a famous port in world history, receiving Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind in 1580 after it became the first ship to successfully circumnavigated the globe. The ports of Plymouth launched the ships that would defeat the Spanish Armada, the first voyage of Captain James Cook and the second expedition of the HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin aboard. A defeated Napoleon was exiled briefly in the waters just offshore and the Royal Navy still uses Plymouth’s dockyard as Her Majesty’s Naval Base HMNB Devonport.

Let’s just say it’s a perfect location for Princess Yachts to have founded its own ship-building business back in 1965. Today Princess utilizes 1.1 million square feet of floor space at its 7 build facilities and employs over 2000 tradesmen.

On the morning of their factory tour Darryl and his customers were picked up by Greg Pawley, who began with Princess as an engineer 26 years ago. Greg took the group directly to the Langage Site where the 52 and 56 Flybridge models go through their middle stages of assembly. Each Princess yacht requires thousands of hands-on procedures and applications along its trajectory and each task is diligently executed, inspected and finally checked off on a prominently-displayed boat build board, which follows each vessel.


All of the thousands of build procedures and applications required for each vessel are meticulously documented as each vessel moves through its build stages. 

At this site the new owners were able to walk through their future 52 Flybridge in various states of construction, witnessing every layer of its anatomy. To say they were impressed is an understatement. They were completely wowed. And this is a manufacturing savvy couple, with plenty of complex questions about the process, all of which were satisfied, down to the most minute detail.

But the tour didn’t stop there. After a stop at Princess’s Coypool site, which houses parts assembly, paint, metal and loom shops Greg drove the group to a vast building in the Newport Street facility so that they could witness the miraculous task of hull manufacturing – the creation, literally, of something from nothing. As they toured through the facility Greg explained in detail the benefits and complexities of the resin-infusion process, a cornerstone of each Princess yacht’s merit.


It was interesting to see how much precision-work goes into every element of a yacht-to-be, from swim platform infusion to hand-machine stainless steel cleats. 

In addition to viewing the moulds being infused, the group was able to watch as workers hand-finished the hulls. Pretty amazing when you consider the size of human hands vs the size of a 130-foot hull. Such painstaking detail goes into building these yachts – to witness it in person is to understand the weight of Princess’s adage: “Crafted in Plymouth England since 1965.” This is definitely crafting, and not manufacturing. It’s like being the workshop of a master, only there are hundreds of masters at work and each workshop is the size of a football field.

IMG_3098Each vessel – whether it’s a 39′ Flybridge or a 131′ M40 – is literally hand-crafted at the build facilities in Plymouth. 

One of the most impressive stops during the daylong tour was the wood shop, where beautiful raw woods are hand hewn into the furniture and floor and wall finishes that grace the range of Princess yachts. To feel and smell the rough, raw lumber waiting for the skillful hands of Princess tradesmen is to fully realize how much painstaking detail work goes into each build.

IMG_3120Gorgeous cuts of exotic wood are soon shaped and polished into impossibly beautiful furniture, flooring and wall finishes.  

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information and sensory input, the group is inspired. It’s such a great feeling to know there is still true art in manufacturing, and when it’s your own yacht being built in this environment, this factory tour experience also instills a sense of satisfaction. Because buying a luxury yacht is not simply about upgrading your lifestyle, it’s a major financial investment as well, and seeing firsthand how excellently a boat is being constructed also reassures that the vessel will age beautifully  and retain value throughout its lifetime.

To top off the experience, Pawley takes the group to Princess Yacht’s most famous build facility, the South Yard, which is located inside the grounds of the historic Devonport Royal Dockyard in Plymouth, a naval yard dating back to the 17th Century. This is where the Princess’s M Class Superyachts are constructed.

Much has changed during centuries the South Yard has been a working shipyard, and everywhere you look, history stands to tell those tales. The group passes by the spookily-quiet Hangman’s Cell, a once well-used executioner’s chamber left over from the Royal Navy more brutish days. The Ropery, a crazily long, spindly building used in the 1800s to hand twine ropes still smells like tar. Near the water’s edge is the wooden Slip No. 1, which is was built more than 250 years ago and is now the oldest covered slipway in the world. Fittingly, Slip No. 1 now houses a classic wooden yacht restoration business.

Countless wooden ships and frigates were built in the South Yard, and between 1714 and 1968, a total of 230 warships as well. Today what stands out most in the South Yard is the massive, modern, white Princess M-Class hangar. Tucked inside are the most impressive Superyachts you are ever likely to see, each receiving final, custom finish work before making their awe-inspiring debuts on the sea. It is uncanny to see these powerful vessels out of the water, like great sleeping kings awaiting their rule.

fullsizeoutput_6932Now that is one big fish out of water. A Princess 40M being finished in Plymouth, England. 


Is our P 52 customer contemplating an upgrade? It’s hard not to fantasize about the lifestyle this incredible M40 would support. 

After their extraordinary Princess factory tour the group retreated into Plymouth’s historic waterfront district to explore the maze of limestone-edged history and contemplate their good fortune. To own a yacht is a grand achievement, but to own a yacht so exquisitely crafted, and to actually see the skilled hands at work during its creation, is an exquisite joy.

It’s the ultimate in Princess owner experiences, watching greatness given life.

As they spend future seasons enjoying their new 52 Flybridge these owners will always remember that beauty, at least in the case of Princess Yachts, is indeed more than skin deep. And that true craftsmanship is alive and well in Plymouth, England.


For more information about Princess Yachts email us at or phone 604.609.0985. 中文或粤语 604.235.1000

Spring Destination: Sunshine Coast Resort Hotel and Marina

 Located in Pender Harbour, one of the most popular havens for boaters traveling up coast. Sunshine Coast Resort Hotel and Marina is located at the gateway to Desolation Sound, Princess Louisa Inlet and beyond. Moorage is available for boats up to 100′ feet in length. 30 amp. power, water, hot showers, washrooms and laundry are provided. The entire marina is now “wireless”. Some slips have cable tv connections and the the outdoor hot tub and sauna is close by. In addition Sunshine Coast Resort & Marina offers high quality ocean side accommodations. After entering the harbor, cruise to the head, passing Garden Peninsula to port and Madeira Park floats to starboard. Follow the flags, they will guide you to Sunshine Coast Resort Hotel and Marina, located in the secluded bay near the entrance to Gunboat Bay. The Sunshine Coast Resort and Marina is just a short hop to shopping, golfing, hiking, fishing and exploring. Fabulous homes and great restaurants rim the harbour. Use your dinghy to explore. Special offers for Sailing and Yacht club flotillas are available.
GPS location is
Latitude: 49.37458
Longitude: -124.01123

Sunshine Coast Resort
Hotel & Marina
Phone: 1-604-883-9177
Toll Free: 1-888-883-9177

Ron Holland design collaboration with existing Rayburn Yachts Hull

In today’s “new economy”, designers, builders and yacht sales companies are finding new and innovative ways to meet the demands of yachtsmen and women looking to maximize value without sacrificing style and performance. In his latest design collaboration, which utilizes an existing Rayburn Yachts hull, Ron Holland has once again worked his magic. The project is based upon a proven existing Rayburn hull resulting in significant savings in time and money. Freedom Marine has been chosen to represent this 110′ project, offering multiple design options and the ability for the purchaser to customize to their taste.

“The hull was originally developed by the late Ed Hagemann for Rayburn Yachts. It was designed to be an efficient and seaworthy hull well suited for a range of uses” says Paul Rayburn. “Based on the accolades from captains and owners of the existing sister ship hulls I felt that this new design was a natural fit.”

After being provided with the existing hull lines and parameters, Ron Holland agreed to move forward on the project. Holland states, “I am excited. I think this is an innovative project. The fact that we have a hull ready to go will help to move this along quickly and I believe this will excite the buyer as well.”

At this stage there are two primary design concepts available. The first is substantially oriented towards the adventure platform with a large exterior aft deck capable of carrying a personal submersible. The second is suited to a more standard cruising motor yacht with rugged style. Both designs can be tailored to incorporate a sport fishing cockpit and a flying bridge.

The concept was developed at the suggestion of Freedom Marine’s Don Young and David Campbell during a meeting between Paul Rayburn and Ron Holland at the 2012 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Having recently brokered the sale of the 124′ submersible carrying adventure yacht DR. NO to world renowned yachtsman, Tom Perkins and taking into consideration an industry trend towards the adventure yacht experience, David Campbell believes there will be strong interest in this type of vessel.

Asking price for the hull is $600,000 USD

Winter Cruising destination #3 – Princess Cove

Wallace Island is located in the beautiful Trincomali Channel between the northern ends of Saltspring Island and Galiano Island. It is a popular destination for boaters exploring the southern Gulf Islands. A lovely anchorage, Princess Cove offers good southwest protection.

The numerous beaches, coves and offshore islets provide plenty of opportunities to explore with the tender. Bald eagles, black-tailed deer and mink are common, as well as harbour seals, sea lions and river otters, which can often be spotted offshore.

Winter Cruising destination #2 – False Creek

False Creek enjoys very sheltered moorage and offers just as much to do in the winter as it does in the summer.Take in downtown Vancouver, catch a Canucks Game, Shop on Robson “Dine out Vancouver” runs to February 3rd, visit Granville Island and much more.

Stop by the Vancouver International Boat Show:
February 7th – 11th
BC Place Stadium and In-Water at Granville Island
Quayside Marina is a GREAT place to spend a night or two, their super friendly staff can be reached at 604-681-9115 or VHF Channel 66A

Winter Cruising Destination – Winter Cove

Winter Cove enjoys sheltered moorage. While big gusts can occasionally reach into Winter Cove, there is plenty of room for sufficient scope. (Note: there is a shallow sandbar in the middle of the cove).

Ashore is a nature-lover’s paradise, the 91-hectare park in Winter Cove is situated in the most beautiful part of Saturna Island. A circular trail meanders through a coastal Douglas-fir forest carpeted with wildflowers in spring. Continue past a marsh, on to a rocky outcrop and out along the shoreline. It’s also worth the hike to the East side of the island to enjoy the view and shoreline overlooking the Strait of Georgia.

Freedom Marine Makes Top 15 Entrepreneurial Stories in Vancouver Sun from 2012

Featuring the sale by David Campbell of Tom Perkins 122′ Motoryacht “Atlantide”

The story…

A year of entrepreneurism from art to yachts

These shining examples of Vancouver character and enterprise graced this column in 2012

By Malcolm Parry, Vancouver Sun December 20, 2012

…Yachts at Don Young’s growing Freedom Marine firm fetch $80,000 to $20 million. Still, it was special when broker David Campbell found a buyer for global yachtsman Tom Perkins’s 122-foot Atlantide, which was listed for $6.5 million and had basically everything but the nameplate replaced since rescuing Allied troops from Dunkirk beaches in 1940.

Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to photo contest winners Bill Cunningham (3 sailing photos) and Ken Green (sunset) for their photos. Each will receive a gift certificate to Cardero’s Restaurant and one night of free “dinner” moorage courtesty of Coal Harbour Marina.

Special Thanks to Coal Harbour Marina and Cardero’s Restaurant for the great prizes.

Sesame Crusted Albacore Tuna with Soy Mustard Dressing

Courtesy of Cardero’s Restaurant

Soy Mustard Dressing
Yield 500mL Serves 8-10

100mL Canola Oil
150mL Soy Sauce
75mL Rice Vinegar
1Tbsp Dijon Mustard, Smooth
1Tbsp Dijon Mustard, Grainy
2 Tbsp Sesame Oil
75mL Mirin
1 Shallot, peeled

1. Roughly chop the shallot and put in a blender with the mustards, mirin, vinegar and soy sauce.
2. With the blender on medium speed, slowly add the sesame and canola oil until dressing is emulsified.

Sesame Crusted Tuna
Yield 6 portions

3lb Albacore Tuna Loin Trimmed
100g White Sesame Seeds
100g Black Sesame Seeds
200mL Canola Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
Garnish: tobiko

1. Portion the Albacore Tuna into 5oz pieces.
2. Mix the black and white sesame seeds together and coat the tuna with the mixture by patting it on
3. In a sauté pan, heat the canola oil on high heat. Quickly sear the tuna on all sides. Approximately 20 seconds per side. Let rest on a paper towel to absorb oil.
4. Thinly slice the tuna and drizzle on the Soy Mustard Dressing.
5. Garnish with tobiko and serve with your favourite vegetables.

Dock & Dine: Cardero’s Restaurant and Coal Harbour Marina

Congratulations to Cardero’s owner, Brent Davies for being inducted into the BC Restaurants Hall of Fame. Recently, Brent was celebrated as an outstanding restaurant proprietor in the BCRFA’s annual Restaurant Hall of Fame. Inductees are individuals who have achieved excellence in BC’s restaurant industry.

Surrounded by fresh seafood, an enormous open kitchen equipped with a wood-burning grill, forno oven and full size wok station, executive chef Jason Kleinfeld is truly in his element in the Cardero’s kitchen. To sample Jason’s savory creations and to enjoy Cardero’s ambiance, travel by boat to Coal Harbour Marina.

Cardero’s restaurant is located (literally) on beautiful Coal Harbour Marina in downtown Vancouver, BC. With transient moorage available for yachts to 330′.

1583 Coal Harbour Quay
Coal Harbour
Vancouver, BC

Reservations: 604.669.7666

50% Off Coal Harbour Marina Dinner Moorage Rates

Mention Freedom Marine Dock and Dine Promotion and receive a 50% discount on Cardero’s Dinner Moorage visits at Coal Harbour Marina prior to January 1st, 2013 (promotion must be mentioned when original advance reservation is made, maximum 3 hour stay).

Conveniently located in the heart of the downtown waterfront, Coal Harbour Marina is Vancouver’s premier provider of salt-water moorage offering a superior range of yachting amenities in one of the most spectacular harbours in the world. Shopping & restaurants, sporting events & live theatre, museums & clubs, plus world famous Stanley Park are a short jaunt away…just follow the Seawall Trail on foot, bike or blade!

Guest moorage available 30′ to 330′
30, 50 & 100A 2P + 100 & 150A 3P power
Dockside staffing 24 hours
Concierge service 9am-5pm
Security gates & video cameras
Laundry, washrooms & showers
Chandlery & shipwright service
Marine pub & restaurant
Wireless internet

1525 Coal Harbour Quay
Vancouver, BC
V6G 3E7 VHF 66A
Tel: 604.681.2628
Fax: 604.681.4666

N49° 17.500′ W123° 07.600′

Or check them out on Facebook and twitter:

Boating Photo Contest

Win Free Cardero’s Gift Certificates & Free Nightly Moorage at Coal Harbour Marina courtesy of Cardero’s Restaurant and Coal Harbour Marina.

Please email your best “Northwest” boating photos to

The top 3 photos will receive a free gift certificate to Cardero’s restaurant ranging in value from $25 to $50.

In addition, the 3 winning photos will also receive a night of complimentary moorage at Coal Harbour Marina valid to March 31st, 2013 with maximum vessel size pending availability.

News: Paul Rayburn teams with Freedom Marine

The Rayburn name has long been recognized as a world class yacht builder. Freedom Marine is pleased to announce that Paul Rayburn of Rayburn Custom Yachts has joined Freedom Marine.

Paul is well known by clients and industry personnel for his integrity, hard work and consistently delivering quality results. As a second generation yacht builder, his talents have evolved from hands on work on the shop floor to include yacht design, production management and sales of many (and counting) successful new build construction projects ranging from 62′-107′.

Paul will continue to support and develop the Rayburn Custom Yachts pedigree by working with buyers to create custom packages based on the platform that has become synonymous with world class quality. Rayburn Yachts will continue to support builds in the Pacific Northwest to the level of quality that Rayburn buyers have come to expect. Underway and available for purchase is hull #3 of their 107′ series. Stay tuned for exciting new designs incorporating this 107′ hull.

“Freedom Marine is very excited about the addition of Paul Rayburn”, says Don Young, President of Freedom Marine. “Like the rest of our team, Paul exemplifies a passion for boating and a reputation for maintaining superb ethics. His proven track record and history with loyal customers make him a wonderful addition to our team. We couldn’t be more excited”.

Paul can be contacted at Freedom Marine’s Coal Harbour office in downtown Vancouver, BC. at 604-609-0985 or by cell at 604-768-0163.

Recipe: Parmesan Crusted Pacific Halibut

Parmesan Crusted Pacific Halibut
with Parsley Beurre Blanc

Recipe courtesy of Hastings House Country House Hotel
Executive Chef Marcel Kauer

Parsley Beurre Blanc

1 cup white wine
1 cup fish stock
2/3 cup cold, cubed unsalted butter
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
Salt and pepper

Reduce white wine and fish stock down to 3 tablespoons. Whisk in butter, add parsley and season to taste.

Parmesan Crusted Halibut

4 five ounce halibut filets
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 ounce Dijon mustard
1/2 cup Panko Japanese bread crumbs
1/2 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese
1/3 cup finely chopped fresh herbs (chives, parsley, chervil, basil)
Drizzle of olive oil
2 tablespoons butter

Preheat oven to 350. Pat dry halibut filets, season with salt and pepper. Quickly sear both sides in a very hot pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Remove from pan and place on a baking tray. Brush with Dijon mustard.

To make crust, combine breadcrumbs, Parmesan, fresh herbs and a drizzle of olive oil in a small bowl. Take each halibut filet and press top side down lightly into breadcrumb mixture to create a crust. Take 1 tablespoon of butter for each filet and break into small pieces and place evenly on top of each breaded filet. Bake the fish for 8-10 minutes or until cooked through.

Boating Tip: 6 great ways to save money on fuel

1.     Phone the fuel barge before you arrive. Let them know that you plan to fill up and ask for their “best price”.

2.     Experiment with your trim tabs – while keeping the throttles fixed at your desired cruise RPM adjust your bow up or down. Keep an eye on your GPS speed until you reach the maximum speed. This will increase your fuel efficiency.

3.     Keep your bottom clean – growth on the bottom of your boat will slow you down and cost you $$ in fuel.

4.     Travel in a straight line whenever possible.

5.     Watch the tides and travel with them when possible.

6.     Slow down and leave early. Cruising at slower speeds can account for substantial savings in fuel.

Buyer’s Tip: Allow yourself time to personalize your new toy

Buying a boat is a very exciting time and most new owners will spend a little time and money to customize their new boat. Planning ahead will ensure that you boat is ready to go and just the way you want it, when you want it. Allowing for extra time will often result in a little savings too.

Brian Huse: North American Champ!

Sailing aboard  “Goose” in the prestigious 6M class (37’), Brian Huse along with a compliment of Canadian and American crewman competed in the North American Championships August 25-26th. This highly competitive class saw great battles throughout the 2 day event. Day one included 4 races and saw Goose finish first, first, second and second. Day 2 included 2 races and after finishing 4th in the first race of the day Goose was one point back heading into the final race. In an exciting finish, Brian and crew passed the lead boat on the final leg to win the North American Championship! Congratulations Brian!

Good Run Video: Warning: tears likely – have Kleenex handy


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