21 Questions for Spring

4th March 2024

Before you start using your boat this spring, we wanted to share this checklist with best practices for spring commissioning that gives you a way to check off the important points before you cast off for another great season.

Here is a list of questions you should answer before getting out on the water.

  • Scheduled maintenance has been completed.
  • Are the running lights working properly?
  • Are all hydraulic fluid reservoirs topped off, including steering and trim tab?
  • Have you checked the dock and anchor lines for wear and inspected the anchor chain and shackles?
  • Has the engine air filter and crankcase ventilation filters been cleaned?
  • Have you checked all deck hardware fittings for tightness, especially rail stanchions?
  • Has the freshwater system been flushed to eliminate any taste of antifreeze?
  • Has each bilge pump been tested, including automatic and manual switches?
  • Is the dinghy motor tuned-up and ready to go?
  • Has the steering and transmission linkage been inspected and lubricated?
  • Is the head in good working condition?
  • Is the generator operating and are hoses double clamped and belts in good condition?
  • Are the bilge blowers working properly?
  • Do the temperature and oil pressure alarms sound when you turn the ignition key?
  • Have the engine zincs been checked?
  • Has the windlass been lubricated according to the manufacturer’s instructions?
  • Has the first-aid kit been replenished?
  • Is the bilge thoroughly cleaned so it can be more easily checked for leaks if they occur?
  • Has the smoke and CO2 detectors been tested?
  • Has the freshwater filter cartridge been replaced?
  • Is the mandatory safety equipment onboard and it has been checked and updated as required.

The best time to start an enjoyable boating season is well before the first outing! Here’s wishing you a safe and trouble-free boating season.



(Freedom Marine in Partnership with Deane Hislop)