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15th July 2024

Every Engine Must Exhale

A proper exhaust system and its maintenance is vital to an engine’s performance. “Out goes the bad air, in comes…

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8th July 2024

Thurston Bay Marine Provincial Park

Thurston Bay Marine Park’s 531-hectares is located on BC’s South Central Coast in the Discovery Islands area on the westside…

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1st July 2024

How to Store Seafood on Your Boat

One of the wonderful things about cruising our coastal waters is the abundance of fresh seafood. Whether it’s from the…

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24th June 2024

Anacortes, Washington

During the past few years, the Port Commission and city leaders have taken steps to increase Anacortes’s appeal to boaters….

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17th June 2024

Clean & Stage Your Boat for Sale

The day you decide to sell your boat will surely cause you to experience a wide range of emotions, but…

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10th June 2024

Preparing for Extended Cruising

If you are new to extended cruising – more than a week or two into unknown waters – it can…

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3rd June 2024

Genoa Bay Marina

Have you ever visited a destination and after a couple of days you just don’t want to leave? Where the…

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27th May 2024

Safety First

For many boaters, Spring is when they begin to daydream about their upcoming summer adventures, it’s also a good time…

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20th May 2024

Portland Island

A popular anchorage in the Gulf Islands is Portland Island, located less than 5-nm north of Sidney. Good anchorage is…

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13th May 2024

All About the Survey

The most important aspect of your due diligence before closing on a boat purchase is the pre-purchase vessel survey. You…

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10th May 2024

Why Choose Riviera Yachts?

Exploring the Luxury and Performance of Australia’s Premier Yacht Builder   Welcome to Riviera Yachts Embark on a journey with…

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6th May 2024

Otter Bay Marina

On the west side of North Pender Island visiting boaters enjoy a variety of services and activities at the Otter…

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22nd April 2024

Tenedos Bay, Desolation Sound

Located within the boundaries of Desolation Sound Provincial Park and only a 7.3-mile passage for Refuge Cove on West Redondo…

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15th April 2024

Decision Making While Cruising

Decision making is never easy aboard a boat. If there is more than one person aboard your boat, how do…

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8th April 2024

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Known as the “Harbour City” for its incredible downtown harbour district, Nanaimo is the second largest city on Vancouver Island…

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1st April 2024

Maintaining Your Boat’s Attitude – Trim Tabs

Regardless of its size, if your boat has a planing or semi-planing hull, its degree of trim can significantly impact…

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25th March 2024

Westview, Powell River

Westview is one of four communities that make up the town of Powell River. It’s located on the mainland side…

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18th March 2024

Preparing for the Boatyard

Before delivering your vessel to the boatyard for service or repair, you can do a few things to ensure its…

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11th March 2024

Page’s Resort & Marina, Silva Bay

Page’s Resort & Marina has been welcoming seagoing visitor since its beginning as a fish camp and store in the…

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4th March 2024

21 Questions for Spring

Before you start using your boat this spring, we wanted to share this checklist with best practices for spring commissioning…

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26th February 2024

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Each year, thousands of boaters visit The Port of Friday Harbor to enjoy the amenities of one of Washington’s largest…

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21st February 2024

Freedom Marine Named 2024 Employer of Choice by Boating Industry Canada

  Freedom Marine International Yacht Sales has been named a 2024 Employer of Choice Award winner by Boating Industry Canada,…

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19th February 2024

Vessel Traffic Services

If you ever wondered why British Columbia and Washington State Ferries or other commercial vessel didn’t respond to your call…

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12th February 2024

Clam Bay

A large and relatively open Clam Bay is nestled between Penelakut (formerly Kuper) and Thetis islands. It’s one of those…

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5th February 2024

Essential Things for Every New Boat Owner

  While the term “new boat owner” can obviously mean someone new to boating, it can also be applied to…

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29th January 2024

Navigating the Vancouver International Boat Show

Nothing can drive the chill out of frigid winter days like a boat show. Strolling past row after row of…

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25th January 2024


With 27 years of experience, Freedom Marine is constantly staying ahead of the evolving power boat and sailboat market. We…

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24th January 2024

Freedom Marine Wins Best Aftersales Support Title Amongst Global Axopar Dealers

Vancouver, B.C. – Freedom Marine International Yacht Sales has been recognized as the “Best Aftersales Support” amongst Axopar’s global network…

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23rd January 2024

Finding the Right Boat

No boat is going to be perfect, but there are things that most lay people just don’t see or anticipate…

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16th January 2024

Happy Hour Broughton Style

Happy Hour appetizer potlucks are a unique daily social event hosted by the handful of marinas in the Broughtons and…

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9th January 2024

VHF Radio is a Boater’s Best Friend

With the age of cellphones many boaters may think they don’t need to install a very high frequency (VHF) radio…

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2nd January 2024

Rosario Resort & Spa, Orcas Island

Cruising northwest in Orcas Island’s East Sound, the white Moran Mansion of Rosario Resort & Spa comes into view well…

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11th December 2023

Telegraph Harbour

Located in the heart of the Canadian Gulf Islands, Telegraph Harbour is a special place, with two marinas and the…

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4th December 2023

False Creek

Considered one of the most livable cities in the world, Vancouver boasts spectacular mountain views, an amazing collection of beaches…

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27th November 2023

What’s in Your First-Aid Kit?

Scrapes, cuts, and bruises are all part of life on and off our boats. Being able to deal with medical…

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20th November 2023

Rules to Play By for a More Pleasurable Time on the Water

For many the dream of cruising British Columbia’s coast centers on freedom, self-reliance, adventure, discovery, challenge, camaraderie, and plain old…

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13th November 2023

Preparing for Winterization

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, boaters start to think about winterization for their vessels. Some hire professionals…

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31st October 2023

Understanding Crankcase Oil Ratings

The fuel is what makes your engine fire, but it’s the crankcase oil that keeps it running. It’s important to…

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23rd October 2023

Build a Comprehensive Owner’s Manual

There is no more important and useful tool for a boat owner than the owner’s manual supplied by the manufacturer….

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17th October 2023

Herring Bay, Ruxton Island

If you are in search of a lovely Gulf Island anchorage with white-shell beaches and interesting weather carved sandstone formations,…

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10th October 2023

Boat Cards

Boating provides the opportunity to meet different and interesting people. Boaters like to get together. It can be difficult to…

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3rd October 2023

Anchor Trip Line

A Simple Inexpensive Insurance Policy   You have most likely read or heard stories of boaters having a hard time…

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25th September 2023

Autumn Boating on the Salish Sea

The rewards of autumn cruising include a slower pace, quieter destinations, and surprisingly good weather. For some coastal cruisers this…

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19th September 2023

Caring for the BBQ

Nothing beats a BBQ for onboard cooking, but don’t forget cleanup. Barbequing is many boaters’ favorite way to prepare a…

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5th September 2023

Getting the Most From Weather Observations

Most boaters know it is good practice to monitor appropriate VHF radio frequencies. Staying informed of current weather conditions and…

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31st August 2023

Sea Strainer Shouldn’t Strain to Strain

Raw-water strainers have a vital job aboard the boat, and their need for routine attention is well worth the effort….

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22nd August 2023

Caring for Your Boat’s Transducer

Hidden below the waterline, the transducers are the eyes of our depth sounders and fish finders. They rarely cross our…

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14th August 2023

Navigation in the Fog

Even though the back of your neck might prickle and the hairs rise up at the sight of fog creeping…

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31st July 2023

Alert Bay, Cormorant Island

Alert Bay, Cormorant Island A Walk Through Namgis Culture   Alert Bay on Cormorant Island, located on the northeastern side…

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26th July 2023

Flags, Ensigns, and Burgees – Getting it Right

Flags, Ensigns, and Burgees Getting it right.   Flags and pennants tell a story to those who observe them, so…

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