Axopar Boats – Instantly recognizable, sports-weekenders with a wide choice of ‘sociable’ deck designs to choose from – Welcome to the world of AXOPAR

Axopar 45

The Axopar 45 exudes confidence, harmony and composure with an air of sophistication surrounding its entire design language. Its subtle Scandinavian design with smooth, clean surfaces, rounded edges and uncomplicated hull lines, showcases the finer details that elevate the onboard experience.

Guests onboard stand to benefit from the extra volume and physical deck space gained from a 45ft hull, meaning that even large groups can find somewhere to sit back and relax within clearly defined rest & relaxation zones. The gullwing doors further enhance the sociable feeling of the front cabin, by connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Axopar 45

Axopar 37

The extra space - With the power to seduce even the most sceptical of boat buyers, Axopar 37 models offer significant extra capability, by way of available space and comfort and a level of performance that challenges the entire notion of cruising with a more expensive, raised fly-bridge or inboard engine equivalent.

Axopar 37 Series

Axopar 29

This all-new range represents the culmination of living our adventure and listening closely to our customers. Everything onboard, all you can see, touch and feel, has been improved and enhanced to our customers’ wishes. It has all been done with a sense of purpose, and for specific reasons, in terms of improved functionality, usability, comfort and higher quality with a new visual presence.

Axopar 29 Series

Axopar 28

Winner of multiple design awards and still being adored by customers and marine press the world over, it was the tremendous combined package of unmistakable good-looks, genuine affordability, handling, performance and comfort on offer from the Axopar 28 that in 2014 established the original benchmark for later versions of the Axopar concept to follow.

Axopar 28 Series

Axopar 25

It’s time for a shakeup and the Axopar 25 provides just that – an innovative and compelling solution, but strictly adhering to its proven award-winning legacy and DNA.

Axopar 25

Axopar 22

Superior, to many boats out there, the cool-looking Axopar 22 Spyder will be a true driver’s boat, offering first-in-class handling, seaworthiness and safety, combined with the efficiency and comfort that its bigger 28ft and 37ft siblings are renowned for.

Axopar 22

Axopar Moments

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