Dehler Philosophy

Dehler Philosophy

At Dehler, sailing performance is the most important virtue of any yacht

Why? Because it continually thrills you and makes you want to feel the power of the hull cutting through waves with speed and precision. And thrill is what sailing is really all about. Which is why our yachts also always have a sport gene.


The design is a fusion of function and aesthetics, with craftsmanship that is flawless down to the smallest detail. We build each yacht to feature many clever ideas that amaze you. The interior furnishings leave nothing more to be desired. We feel obligated to satisfy these high standards at Dehler each and every day.

Dehler stands for the values of the “Made in Germany” global seal of quality

Thoroughness above all is what counts for us. Precision in every detail shapes how we think and act, as well as who we choose to partner with. This includes the internationally renowned yacht designers at judel/vrolijk & co. You can see this in the timeless shapes and dynamically elegant lines of each Dehler.