USA Buyers

USA Buyers

10 Reasons U.S. Buyers Win with Freedom Marine

1. You’ll save thousands when you purchase a boat in Canada, up to 25% depending on the current exchange rates.

2. We know the drill. Freedom Marine has been selling previously-owned boats to U.S. customers since 1997. We can take you through every step of a Canadian transaction.

3. We have Canada’s largest inventory of brokerage boats 35’-180′ feet.

4. Offers can be made in U.S. dollars.

5. Knowing Canadian sellers as only Canadians can, we’ll help you tailor your offer in order to arrive at the best purchase price possible.

6. Pay no Canadian taxes or duties. When you purchase through Freedom Marine we’ll help you export the boat without getting tangled in the trap of paying undue Canadian penalties.

7. There are excellent surveyors and mechanics available for inspections including US bank and insurance approved surveyors.

8. Freedom Marine is a member of both the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association located in Washington State and the BC Yacht Brokers Association located in British Columbia.

9. We are endorsed by the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) program, the mark of excellence for yacht sales professionals throughout North America.

10. Trip planning. When you travel to British Columbia to shop for your boat we’ll assist with recommendations for transportation, hotels, restaurants and recreation.