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24th August 2022

Smugglers Cove

Smugglers Cove Provincial Park, located on the south side of Sechelt Peninsula, is a beautiful all-weather anchorage surrounded by 457-acres…

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16th August 2022

Sointula, Malcolm Island

A fascinating history, well run marina, a historic co-operative store, free bike rentals, and plenty of rural charm and character…

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10th August 2022

Cowichan Bay

The village of Cowichan Bay is located on Vancouver Island’s southeast coast about fifty-six kilometers north of Victoria. It’s a…

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3rd August 2022

Blind Channel Resort

During the summer of 1969, the Richter family – Edgar, Annemarie, and son Phil, were cruising their 30-foot boat, Pamar,…

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28th July 2022

Thruster Care

Once found only on high-end yachts and large cumbersome vessels that needed help to maneuver in tight quarters, thrusters have…

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20th July 2022

Barbecue Grill Safety

The aroma of burgers wafts through the evening air; hot dogs and brats hiss and pop as they near peak…

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13th July 2022

Octopus Island Provincial Marine Park

When cruising north of Desolation Sound, travels are not complete without dropping the hook at Octopus Island Provincial Marine Park…

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4th July 2022

Learn To Be A Better Boater

Want to learn to be a better boater? Here are seven things to do to get started. A boater’s journey…

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29th June 2022

Farmers Markets In The Gulf Islands

There are many ways to experience and enjoy the Gulf Islands. One way to get a taste of the islands…

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17th June 2022

Capturing a Mooring Buoy

Hooking a buoy and threading the mooring line through the “O” ring need not be a difficult task. Capturing a…

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1st June 2022

Trash Management – Someone’s Gotta Do It

One issue every cruiser confronts is: trash management when boating. Whether spending a weekend anchored in a secluded cove, at…

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20th May 2022

Ten Reasons to Take a Basic Boating Course

Boating is a great adventure on any type of boat, but with that comes a great responsibility. There are some…

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13th May 2022

Before You Leave the Dock: Pre-Departure Checklist

The coolers are filled with drinks and snacks, and you are looking forward to a wonderful time on the water….

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9th May 2022

Reasons to Keep a Maintenance Log

Keeping a detailed maintenance log for your boat will help you maintain your boat properly. It can take the guess…

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29th April 2022

Don’t Let Your Shore Power Fail You

When was the last time you inspected your boats shore-power cord? Regular inspections of the cord and its connection points…

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22nd April 2022

Hailing All New Boaters

Congratulations on the purchase of your first boat! You’re not just embarking on a new hobby, but also an entirely…

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18th April 2022

Freedom Marine’s #1 in Canada for 10 Consecutive Years*

With 25 years of experience, Freedom Marine is constantly staying ahead of the evolving power boat and sailboat market. We…

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8th April 2022

Poland – Home to Galeon Yachts

Located in Central Europe, Poland expands from the Baltic Sea in the north, to the Carpathian Mountains in the south….

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1st April 2022

Princess Louisa Inlet – The Eighth Wonder of the World

Princess Louisa Inlet, only accessible by boat or floatplane, is known by many boaters as the eighth wonder of the…

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28th March 2022

Provisioning for Extended Cruising – Eating Well Requires Planning

One of the pleasures of taking an extended cruising holiday for a week or longer, is to anchor in one…

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16th March 2022

Aloha Russell Island – An Island Rich in History

Gorgeous Russell Island is a 32-acre Gulf Island National Park, which is only accessible by boat or kayak. Located at…

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9th March 2022

Finland – The happiest country in the world & also where the best adventure boats are from

In this blog we’re going to help you get to know both Finland, and the adventure boating company that calls…

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3rd March 2022

Anchoring 101 – A Dozen Tips and Techniques

There’s a significant difference between tossing a “lunch hook” over the side and securing a boat anchor for the night….

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23rd February 2022

Spring Is Coming! Get the Boat Ready to Cruise

It’s that time of the year when boats are shaken loose from the winter doldrums. Snowbirds have returned home. And…

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16th February 2022

Boating Etiquette – Helpful Hints for Courteous Boating

Many boaters consider boating etiquette as important as proper seamanship. The publishers of “Chapman Piloting & Seamanship” have put out…

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7th February 2022

Maple Bay Marina – A Safe-haven for Boaters Since 1945

Secluded and sheltered, Maple Bay Marina is nestled in the southern reach of Bird’s Eye Cove on southeast Vancouver Island….

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3rd February 2022

Plymouth, UK – Home to Princess Yachts

The port city of Plymouth is located on the Southwestern coast of England. Not only is it home to Princess…

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28th January 2022

2022 Award Winners – The Standout Powerboats and Sailing Yachts

It’s award season in the world of boating, and we’re excited to share that several brands we represent have won…

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27th January 2022

Greifswald Germany – Home of Scholars and Hanse Yachts

Located in northeastern Germany, Greifswald is a quaint city in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern area that flanks the Baltic Sea and is…

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19th January 2022

Why Become a Boater? What’s the Attraction?

What’s the attraction with becoming a boater? You wouldn’t be looking at this blog post if you didn’t have an…

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13th January 2022

Cruising Through The Retirement Years

Many retired boaters relish exploring the waters of British Columbia with extended cruises (two-to-four-month trips) during the summer, and locally,…

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5th January 2022

Buddy Boating – Making friends is easy – just add water

Buddy boating with friends – you in your boat and they in theirs – is great fun and has its…

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14th December 2021

Deck The Hulls – Experience Christmas Onboard Your Boat

In and around British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, holiday celebrations are a blend of small-town sensibility harkening back to a simpler…

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8th December 2021

Impeccable Handling And Advanced Technology Aboard The All New Princess V50

• Efficient Volvo Penta IPS650 engines provide top speeds in excess of 30 knots • Sleek styling with an extended…

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7th December 2021

Generator Care Tips – Keep the juice flowing.

Marine generators have a hard life. They operate in tight recesses of the engine room or lazarette and, all too…

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24th November 2021

In Your Wake – Being a responsible boater includes what happens behind the transom.

I remember the first time I saw the movie “Caddyshack.” I rolled with laughter watching the scene with Rodney Dangerfield…

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15th November 2021

Friendly Tips on Preparing Your Boat for Winter Storms

While we like to think our mild West Coast winters means we don’t really need to decommission our boat, there…

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9th November 2021

Cruising for Indigenous Art – Cliffside Pictures In Time

One of the many draws to cruising the British Columbia coast is the sense of adventure. Another is the pictographs,…

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3rd November 2021

Understanding Antifreeze – Winterizing your boat’s engine, generator, potable water, and sanitation systems.

Those of us who live in the northern latitudes rely on antifreeze to protect our boat’s engines, and generators with…

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14th October 2021

The Beauty of Wireless Headsets – No More Yelling Onboard

In the past, I’ve never been a big fan of headsets. Our boat is only 40-feet LOA, but we do…

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13th October 2021

Selecting a Boatyard for Your Winter Project – Doing your homework is a critical first step

This is the time of year when boater’s thoughts turn to decommissioning, maintenance, modification projects, or perhaps the next summer’s…

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7th October 2021

Enjoying Thanksgiving on Your Boat – Tips and suggested fail safe recipes

There’s nothing quite like Thanksgiving on a boat. With fewer boats on the water, vivid fall foliage and crisp air…

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4th October 2021

Princess Yachts Release First X80 Animation

Fly through the all-new Princess X80 to see some of the newest features on this brand new model!    …

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28th September 2021

Using Spring Lines – They Will Make You Look Like A Pro

In a time when most new boats are equipped with thrusters, many skippers have lost the skill of using a…

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28th September 2021

Off-season Boating Tips – A Time for Solitude and Serenity

  The off-season months offer a respite as anchorages are deserted, marinas and marine park docks become our own, there’s…

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19th September 2021

Caring for Your Lines – Your boat depends on them!

The lines and rode that we depend upon to keep our power boats and sail boats secured are often taken…

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13th September 2021

Lund Harbour, British Columbia – Cinnamon buns at the end of the road.

Lund Small Craft Harbour   In the morning, the harbour air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of fresh bakery…

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10th September 2021

New 45-footer in the pipeline for Axopar; new 22 and 25 models in Cannes

Finnish builder Axopar is boasting its biggest ever display at the Cannes show this week, with 13 boats on display…

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3rd September 2021

Dent Island Lodge – Pamper yourself at an upscale wilderness retreat.

  Dent Island is a first-rate, all-inclusive, 7,000 sq/ft lodge and marina located in Cordero Channel between Sonora Island and…

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27th August 2021

Bounty of the Sea – Fresh, Nutritious and Fun to Harvest

Foraging for their next meal is something many boaters’ relish. They like the challenges and enjoying the delicious bounty. A…

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